Better Home Exteriors in Costa Mesa, California, is Awarded the June 2011 Project of the Month for the “Hwang” home of Laguna Niguel!

StrucSureCoat™ Installed by: Better Home Exteriors

Better Home Exteriors chose a SureCoat Wall System (StrucSureCoat™) as the best possible product for use on Jeff & Margaret Hwang’s home in Laguna Niguel, CA. As Bill Calhoun, President of Better Home Exteriors, states “StrucSureCoat is what I like to call a Real Product with a Real Warranty!”

This home in a beautiful neighborhood of Laguna Nigel was showing wear from settling that caused cracks in the stucco, fading from UV sunlight and deterioration from moisture all along the base of the home. These types of problems are very common on homes inSouthern California. Unfortunately the quality of most paints in the marketplace today, do not allow for protection from these types of challenges.

The SureCoat Wall Systems - StrucSureCoat

The Hwang’s weren’t looking for just another paint job. They were in need of a facelift for their home. Better Home Exteriors gave them just that! Bill was able to sit with the homeowners and listen to their wants and concerns for the aesthetics of their home. One challenge was the HOA. They only allowed for a certain color spectrum. By using StrucSureCoat, Better Home Exteriors was even able to give them their own chosen color, making the homeowners happy while abiding by the HOA guidelines. 

Better Home Exteriorsaddressed all three of these issues with one product from SureCoat Systems®, StrucSureCoat! Unlike any other coating, StrucSureCoat has a very high elasticity quality built into it that allows the coating to stretch with the substrate without losing its memory. StrucSureCoat is engineered to expand and contract daily with temperature swing from dawn to dusk and back. This perfected elongation ratio prevents tears in the coating that result in hairline cracks with other coatings or paints. The heat reflective qualities of StrucSureCoat have a two-fold benefit, 1) greatly reduces the heat transference through the walls from direct sunlight as well as, 2) reflects the UV rays that cause deterioration over time. In addition, Bill states that it is the high solid content of StrucSureCoat that allows him to apply 3-4 times the amount of material to the substrate than even a high quality primer and paint would. This increases the mil thickness of the exterior coating 300-400% compared to the application of other products.

Better Home Exteriors builds 12 to 15 jobs a month and they have expressed that the products that they use and their warranties are very important to them and to their customers. “We use the best products that we can find and use our own experts to install them.” – Bill Calhoun

It is BHE’s policies like this that have enabled them to maintain a spotless license and a Triple A Rating at the BBB.

“A large part of our ability to generate a consistent profit is keeping a very low repair liability. The people at SureCoat Systems and their SureCoat Wall System products have and continue to play a role in our success. We installed our first SureCoat job in 2004 and that job still looks great today.” – Bill Calhoun

Better Home Exteriors is one of SureCoat Systems’ Top-Tier Residential Contractors. They have installed over 100 SureCoat Wall Systems without a single product failure. SureCoat Systems has been able to work together with all parts of the team at BHE. From their Sales Team to their Office Staff to their Professional Installers, together SS and BHE have worked through all challenges that have come about in the course of their being successful. It takes the Best to know the Best and only the Best will last in this age of Green Building, tough market and economy.

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