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• Blocks and reduces vapor emissions through concrete but allows concrete to continue to breathe.

• Permanently cures, seals, hardens and dust-proofs freshly placed concrete.

• Purges soluble chlorides and prevents re-entry.

• Does not alter surface profile or affect bondability.

• Economical. Zero VOC.

No flammable solvents SureCoat Systems Concrete Sealers are being successfully used by contractors throughout the United States, Mexico, Guam and Canada. Two projects, the Corpus Christi Texas Seawall Reconstruction Project and the salvaging of a 46,000 sq ft very porous concrete slab at the PPG Plant in Sulphur, Louisiana illustrate how SureCoat Systems SS-DPD is used and its success. SureCoat Systems offers technical support and hands-on-knowledge and expertise in all phases of moisture vapor · emission control, exterior concrete/masonry cleaning and restoration, waterproofing and sealing, and concrete/masonry coatings including 8-10 second fast-set tack-free coatings which can be hot or cold applied. SureCoat Systems product line is unique in that the hydrophilic properties of our products seal cracks, capillaries, honey-combs, and joints in concrete in order to prolong the useful life of the concrete through quality repair, restoration, waterproofing and protection. SureCoat Systems products are nontoxic, water-based, and environmentally safe. SureCoat Systems sealers are formulated clear sealers that have a penetrating inorganic potassium-sodium modified material that “fuses” with the concrete to stop water, oil, gas, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging the concrete yet still allow the concrete to breathe. Our sealers react with the alkali in the concrete to form a penetrating micro-solution which hardens and consequently densifies the concrete. SureCoat Systems SS-DPD and SS-DPDL sealers penetrate 2″ to 4″ into the substrate of the concrete (depending upon the concrete composition), harden and become an integral part of the concrete resulting in a much denser and stronger concrete. The sealer also “coats” the rebar in the concrete to prevent deterioration from moisture and contaminants.