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SureCoat Water Repellents are formulated clear penetrating sealers designed to restore, protect and seal concrete, masonry, brick and wood building materials.  SureCoat Water Repellents provide long-lasting durability by penetrating the surface without altering the appearance of the building materials.  Depending on the density of the surface to which it is applied, SureCoat Water Repellents can penetrate ¼ inch or more into the building materials to repel moisture.  SureCoat Water Repellents aid in the reduction of water absorption to reduce spalling from freeze-thaw conditions and efflorescence.

SureCoat Water Repellents work best if applied following the application of a SureCoat Concrete Sealer.  SureCoat Water Repellents are low maintenance and do not weather like topical sealers.


Penetrating Water Repellent (SS-PWR) – SS-PWR is a clear penetrating water repellent sealer for masonry, concrete, brick and wood applications.  SS-PWR consists of a proprietary modified silane/siloxane formulation that penetrates ¼ inch or more into masonry and concrete capillaries, creating a breathable vapor emissions barrier. Water will bead on surface after treatment and SS-PWR does not change the appearance of the building material to which it is applied.  For best results on concrete and masonry applications, use in conjunction with SS-DPD concrete sealer.


Facts & Benefits

  • Deep penetration of absorbent surfaces due to small molecular structure
  • Helps to reduce spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence
  • Penetrating treatment will not change appearance of substrate
  • Low Maintenance – Does not wear like topical sealers
  • Breathable vapor emission blocker
  • Environmentally friendly, Low VOC, Low Odor
  • Mildew and fungus resistant
  • Non-Flammable – Flash Point > 200° F

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