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SureCoat Densifier Catalyst (SS-DC) is designed to work together with SureCoat Concrete Sealers.  SS-DC is an environmentally friendly, low VOC, concrete and masonry densifier catalyst that is colorless, non-toxic, nonflammable, low viscosity and low pressure spray applied.  The SS-DC formulation provides additional alkali to concrete and masonry substrates to ensure that there is enough alkali in the concrete to produce a consistent reaction with SureCoat Concrete Sealers.


SureCoat Concrete Sealers are Deep Penetrating Densifiers formulated to react chemically with the free lime or calcium hydroxide which is produced naturally when cement or mortar paste cures into silicate hydrates.  SureCoat Concrete Sealers penetrate deep into concrete or mortar substrates.  The sealer then densifiers and hardens to purge the building material of contaminants, salts and moisture creating a vapor barrier.  If there is not enough alkali in the concrete, a consistent reaction with the active ingredients of SureCoat Concrete Sealers may not occur to fill small cracks and voids.


A pH test is recommended prior to the application of SureCoat Concrete Sealers.  The concrete must have a pH reading of 10 or higher.  If the pH reading is not 10 or higher, the application of SS-DC must be used to ensure a consistent reaction within the matrix of the concrete.  In concrete with a low pH, SS-DC should be applied 14-16 hours before the first application of a SureCoat Concrete Sealer and 30-40 minutes after the last application of a SureCoat Concrete Sealer.

Ask your SureCoat Representative about the availability of pH Test Pens.


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