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SS Deep Penetrating Densifiers (DPD) and Penetrating Water Repellents (PWR) are VOC compliant water-based sealers used to increase psi density and prevent moisture vapor transfer in concrete, masonry, wood and other cementitious surfaces.  Great application for Sea Walls, Historical Buildings, Bridges and areas with High Water Tables including areas in the Gulf Coast.
DPD and PWR will stop hydraulic pressure, keep rebar from rust and swelling and protect surfaces from water intrusion.

Deep Penetrating Densifier is a low-viscosity chemical solution that will stop moisture vapor drive through cementitious surfaces such as concrete roofs, concrete walls and concrete floors, stone, brick and block-masonry, by penetrating 2 to 4 inches into the porous substrate. This densifier works by filling the capillaries with a modified potassium silicate solution comprised of a non-flammable, non-toxic, silica gel that internally strengthens and waterproofs the cementious surfaces. DPD blocks and reduces vapor emissions and grows into an integral part of the building material.

Concrete areas being treated with a pH level of less than 10 require SS Concrete Densifier Catalyst (CDC). In the event that the concrete or masonry surface is extremely deteriorated, it may require the Penetrating Densifier with Lithium (PDL).

Concrete Densifier Catalyst is a Sodium Bicarbonate Solution that is applied to a surface treated with DPD in order to activate the alkali required to produce a consistent reaction in the concrete within a timely manner. A clean and protected substrate is then ready for repairs and a Water Repellent sealer or StrucSureCoat, a single-component epoxy-hybrid wall coating.

damaged wet concrete rebar
BEFORE – Damaged and wet concrete and rebar with swelling and rust
water concrete rebar reapir
AFTER – Penetrating Densifier is applied and repairs are completed

Deep Penetrating Densifier

SS Deep Penetrating Densifier (DPD) and Deep Penetrating Densifier with Lithium (DPDL) are sealers that penetrate 2 to 4 inches into the substrate of concrete (depending upon the concrete composition), harden and become an integral part of the concrete resulting in a much denser and stronger concrete. These sealers also coat the rebar inside the concrete to prevent deterioration from moisture and contaminants. SureCoat sealers stop water, oil, gas, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging the concrete.

Penetrating Water Repellent

SS Penetrating Water Repellent (PWR) is designed to waterproof and seal concrete, masonry and wood. It will penetrate ½ inch or more depending on the density of the surface to which it is applied. PWR works best if applied following the application of SureCoat’s deep penetrating densifier. SureCoat’s penetrating water repellent will not change the appearance of the surface it is applied to.

The penetrating sealers and water repellent provides long-lasting durability and does not alter the appearance of the concrete or masonry it is applied to.