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In California, our fall and winter can be just as humid and wet with lots of moisture in the air as many other parts of the country. We see a good amount of Pacific storms roll in, and unfortunately, for roofing with the average coating product, that means not coating during the rainy season or experiencing a much slower drying process. The typical go-to is an oil-based mastic, but the problem with that “quick fix”
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In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to SureSet, the fast drying SureCoat roof coating that can be used as a base coat. Jesse discusses how this product was developed out of necessity while struggling to complete jobs due to certain weather conditions. He addresses some of the science behind this quick dry formulation and shares some interesting “Oh NO!” case studies when using and testing the SureSet product that ultimately
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In this episode of Field Tested, host Jesse Martinson introduces listeners to the SureCoat Roof System. Jesse starts out discussing how the product came to be and why its formulation is so crucial to its success in the field. He highlights how it is possible to do small repairs and install partial roof systems making it cost effective for property owners and managers. Jesse finishes up the show sharing some case studies of how the
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2525 Main Street, Santa Monica, is where the historical landmark building, Galleria DiMaio, resides. What makes it a historic landmark? It’s where Merle Norman started her make-up empire in 1927 and was later home to E.M. Stolaroff’s Natone Company, or as we know it, Neutrogena Skin Care Company. It’s a building that has gone through an extensive remodel in the 1930’s and an internal gut in 1980. For the current owners, a new roof hadn’t
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If you’ve been in the coating business for a while now, then you know what it’s like to be a weatherman, right? The weather always impacts the dry times for water-based products. It’s inevitable that you’ll catch a shower or a rainstorm no matter how much you watch the weather channel or monitor temperatures and dew point spreads. And let’s face it, that’s way too complicated when you have many projects to manage. The problem
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In the first episode of Field Tested, SureCoat Systems’ innovator and Field Tested podcast host, Jesse Martinson, introduces you to the world of waterproofing and roof coatings through his eyes. Jesse shares his background and the challenges he faced coming up through the construction industry and what ultimately led him on his journey to formulating his own proven solution. Jesse also highlights why Field Tested will be your ultimate new resource for boosting business and
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Westminster Canterbury, a serene retirement community nestled on the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach is where one comes in their later years to enjoy relaxation doused in sand, sun, and salty breezes – a lifestyle its residents have worked hard to achieve. Upkeep of the facilities is a top priority in maintaining a place of serenity. When residents no longer want to enjoy views of the bay due to leaky, peeling, tar
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When you hear the word protection, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a roof. However, when you think about it, a roof is a huge source of our daily protection. It protects us from the wind and the rain, the ice and the snow, the extreme heat and the bitter cold, and the daily beating of the sun. Between normal wear and tear and extreme weather, conditions on the roof can
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Every property has a roof that needs attention and repairs, but not every property needs a new roof, and fixing those repairs just got easier. We are proud to announce the launch of SureCoat and SureSet Repair Kits to Amazon. Our founder and innovator, Jesse Martinson, has been keeping SureCoat roofing system supplies on his truck well before we produced and launched our repair kits in our online store. Once we launched those, we realized
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When was the last time you looked at or inspected your roof? If you’re thinking “uhh, yeah, about that…” it is okay, you are not alone, many people aren’t roof experts. And if you do look at your roof, it might look okay, but there could be possible underlying issues. It’s just hard to know unless you have a licensed professional out for inspection, but who has the time or money for that? Well, at