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How knowledge and prevention can make a BIG difference in the life of your commercial roof. In Part 1 we reviewed a few factors that affect the lifespan of a flat roof such as poor installation, weathering and wind-uplift. In this second part of our series we will explore a few more of the most common ones; from what they are, how and why they happen, to what steps you can take to prevent or
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How knowledge and prevention can make a BIG difference in the life of your commercial roof. There are several factors that affect the lifespan of a flat roof. In this two part series, we will explore some of the most common ones; from what they are, how and why they happen, and what steps you can take to prevent or repair them. Poor Installation Craftmanship is the foundation of any project and can make or
With the Best Kept Secret – SureSet by SureCoat Systems In California, our fall and winter can be extremely humid, cool and wet, and as in many other areas of the country, we see storms intermittently rolling in. As you know, rainy/damp days can present challenges when performing flat roof repairs or restorations in cooler weather and require a constant watchful eye for storms. So naturally, it slows down the roofing season for many contractors
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Before selecting a roof coating for your next commercial project, here are some things to take into consideration. 1. Perm Ratings- For a coating to be waterproof, the perm rating should be less than 1.0. If the product you want to use reads 1.0 or higher, the coating is not technically waterproof. What is Perm Rating? A perm rating is the unit telling us the mass rate of water vapor flowing through one square foot
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Offer your customers a premium product and great service while saving them money! The bidding process can be a stressful task to tackle, you don’t want to undercharge and find your business at a financial risk later on, but you don’t want to lose the bid to another contractor because you over-estimated the cost of labor and materials. Below are some key items worth taking into consideration when bidding a project with SureCoat Systems’ coatings:
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WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT FIRE RATINGS. Summer is officially here. Along with all the summer fun, comes the heat and a higher potential for fires, and while it is impossible to predict exactly when and where the next fire will happen, being prepared is a must. As a roofing professional you need to ensure your roofs meet certain standards to protect the building and its occupants. In this post, we will look at
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Don’t Stress- Buy a New Roof Over Time In our last blog we explored the cost benefits and reasons for regular roof inspections. In this blog, we will continue addressing repairs. This time, we will show you how you can use repair expenses toward a brand new, fully warranted roof system. Some products in the market resolve an immediate need for a “quick fix”, but what if you were able to address your roof issues
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Why regular roof inspections may save you time and money Recently we covered a few of the challenges that contractors face when working on roof repairs. In today’s blog, we go back to the very beginning- Step one: Identify damage by doing regular roof inspections. One of the most important things about making your roof last, along with selecting the right products, is regular roof inspections. Lack of maintenance is the single largest factor leading
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Avoid project delays, and profit loss due to rainy weather Image above:  SureSet repair completed at 2pm, rain hit at 6pm. No leaks or coating damage reported after rain. In our last blog, we explored the challenges contractors face when repairing a gravel roof. In this blog, we will address yet another challenge faced by contractors almost everywhere in the country – Rain. Rain makes all things grow. If you are in landscaping, rain can
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Avoid costly tear-offs by restoring your existing roof to ‘Better than New’ condition.   When it comes to existing gravel roofs, there are not many options for repairing them long-term. Often, a roof tear-off or SPF foam encapsulation are the only options suggested by roofing contractors. Unfortunately, both of these options are very expensive. Even foam roofs require a waterproof coating like SureCoat to protect them from moisture and UV. The SureCoat Roof System can be used directly over