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SureCoat Systems’ Warranties.
CRRC PROGRAM MANUAL CHANGES FOR TESTING Let us know what you think….Good or Bad for your business? Comments below 1.   Random Testing failure threshold change Under the new Board approved provisions, the CRRC Random Testing Program will fail a product that receives a test result greater than ± .05 its Solar Reflectance or Thermal Emittance initial values. For example, if the rated value is 0.50, then any test result that is between 0.45 and 0.55
Do you know how to read and evaluate the engineering data sheets for the materials that you are using? Don’t be fooled by a saleman….Learn how to read engineering data sheets. Every product has an engineering data sheet, but that doesn’t mean that every contractor reads it. I have been hearing it more and more lately. Contractor installs a system as specified by their rep and it doesn’t work! 9 times out of 10 this is because the product
PROJECT OF THE MONTH SureCoat Systems Certified Contractor, California Exteriors Roofing, is awarded the January project of the Month for their seamless single ply installation at Kirkelie Business Park. Kirkelie Development was originally introduced to the SureCoat roof coating systems by Chris Cadwell of Roof Repair Experts. Roof Repair Experts is the SureCoat Systems certified contractor for the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Roof Repair Experts successfully completed a series of repairs on Kirkelie Development’s shopping center in
The SureCoat Roof System over an imported custom tile flat roof in Dana Point, California December 2011 Project of the Month! Christian Building   Material’s longtime customer, Galla-Rini Roofing, was awarded the December 2011 Project of the Month for their   residential flat roof project on this multi-million dollar home in the  beautiful beach city of Dana Point, California. This home had a BUR with imported concrete tiles that had been hot mopped down. The constant  
November Project of the Month!   Hoover Home Improvements is the November 2011 Project of the Month. Hoover Home Improvements is SureCoat Systems’ East Coast Certified Contractor.  CLICK HERE to contact Hoover Home Improvements. Don Hoover is known on the East Coast for his professional work in all types of roof restoration. Recently Hoover and his team resurfaced the 1,000 square foot roof of 1207 Q Street, a building belonging to the Vermont Avenue Baptist
JemStar Construction Services is the October, 2011 Project of the Month for SureCoat Systems. JemStar currently uses the SureCoat Roof System and Roof Extender System to repair, maintain and recondition roofs for several property management companies and hundreds of building owners throughoutCalifornia.   SureCoat Roof Extender System that lead to a Full Reconditioning System These pictures are of a foam roof with an acrylic coating. The roof had been leaking for years due to acrylic
Hail Damage Roof Repair Solutions   During storm and hurricane season, hail can be a costly expense across the United States and no roof is completely protected from hail damage. Some roof membranes may have hail rating classifications but not one product has a warranty that covers these Acts of God. Hail both large and small can cause severe and costly damage to a structures roof. An older or more weathered roof is more susceptible to
SureCoat Systems Flat Roof Coatings SureCoat Roof Systems are the only CRRC rated, Title 24 Compliant, Energy Star Approved, single component roof reconditioning systems that are waterproof throughout the entire system! SureCoat are engineered hybrid coatings not just another white acrylic roof paint! As SureCoat (epoxy coating/polymer coating) wears, the same waterproof membrane is exposed. SureCoat is also a unique repair system that can easily be added to over time creating a new flat roof system
Rudell Toy Designs is the September 2011 Project of the Month for SureCoat Systems! Re-roof alternative in its second decade of service! Rudell Toy Designs operates in a historical building in downtownTorrancethat was once the old newspaper press. After purchasing the building, the owners of Rudell wanted to make some renovations but also wanted to preserve the look and feel of the beautiful, historical interior with its high, open beam ceilings.  Refinishing the exposed beams