Vets at Work Contracting is a Mississippi roofing contractor using the SureCoat Roof System to save roofs throughout Mississippi and Tennessee!  Vets at Work recently completed another environmentally friendly and economically smart roofing system by using the existing tar and gravel built up (BUR) as the base for a new roof by installing the SureCoat Roof System.

9,600 SF of gravel built up roofing (BUR) was restored with the roof tear off alternative that is making its name known across the United States, the SureCoat Roof System.  SureCoat Systems has continued to make its impression upon the industry with solutions to construction building problems that have plagued the roofing industry for decades.gravel_tar_commercial_building_roof

Vets at work is a veteran owned and operated Mississippi roofing contractor specializing in the SureCoat Roof System.  Vets at Work are roofing Mississippi hospitals, churches, government buildings and other specialized projects where waterproofing, environment and cost are important.

This project consisted of a hot tar and gravel built up roofing system that had been repaired for years with temporary mastics and miscellaneous patches.  Many areas of this tar and gravel built up roof (BUR) showed signs of moderate abrasion and wear.  The roof repairs were separating and deteriorating causing damage to the substrate underneath the existing roofing materials.  The roof itself and the asphalt repairs were worsening and had become extremely brittle.

Roof mastic patches scattered this roof where cracks along the parapet walls and throughout the roof field were allowing for moisture intrusion, deteriorating the roof further.  There are ponding areas in the field of the roof that were feeding the roof leaks and contributing to the roof repair failures.  Several areas were exposed to direct weather and elements due to the severe deterioration of the roof and weather beaten roof mastic repairs.

We wouldn’t have used anything else. The SureCoat Roof System was the only choice because of the SureCoat Roof System’s waterproofing ability and warranty! – James Wright, Owner – Vet’s at Work SureCoat_Roof_Coating_Restoration

Vets at Work Contracting is a veteran owned and operated Mississippi roofing and construction company for the entire state of Mississippi and Tennessee.  With over 60 years of US Military experience, Vets at Work knows how to adapt to any situation and use their attention to detail to ensure the best possible solution for your project.

The SureCoat Roof System can be used to repair and restore all levels of roof failures without a roof tear off.  The SureCoat Roof System can recondition, restore and waterproof the most problematic built up roofs (BUR) including tar and gravel, modified, asphalt Cap SheetSPF-foamPVCTPOEPDMHypalon and other single-ply roofs.  With an elongation of 400% and sustained elongation of 160% at freezing, The SureCoat Roof System is an advanced system for even the coldest climates.

What this means for the Church: Now this local Mississippi church has a leak-free roof and a manufacturer’s written material warranty that covers PONDING conditions on low-sloped and flat roofs.


 The SureCoat Roof System is Engineered for Excellence!