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Featured Project of the Month Bowmanor Apartments Restores 15 Roofs with SureCoat Roof Coating System. The Bowmanor Apartments and Townhouses in Greenville, Mississippi are the project of the month at SureCoat Systems for their installation of the SureCoat roof coating system over 52,000 square feet of black asphalt roofing on 15 roofs. Bowmanor Garden Apartments and Townhouses are being completely renovated and newly remodeled with major upgrades! NEW EVERYTHING including ceramic tile floors, carpet, A/C
Featured Project of the Month Coating restoration of a restaurant roof in Los Angeles, California Now a Tierra Mia, this former KFC restaurant roof was in horrible shape. The roof was covered in grease and had dozens of leaks throughout the entire roof field, at the anchors, seams, penetrations and parapet walls. Short of a complete tear off, The SureCoat Roof System was the only solution. A tear off would mean that their store build
Prior to the application of The SureCoat Roof System, this roof had over 100 leaks at the separating expansion joints and standing seams. Part of the tenants lease agreement was that they were responsible for repairing and sustaining the roof on the building that they occupied. In addition, the facility is used to manufacture copper cables and water intrusion interrupts production at their plant. 107,000 square foot standing seam metal roof just outside of El
We heard that you wanted to know more About Us SureCoat Systems® is committed to providing excellent customer support and “green” waterproof materials for commercial and residential flat roofs and exterior walls. SureCoat Systems offers permanent solutions when other companies give up! Solving problems is what we do best! SureCoat was created with the focus of serving the multi-billion dollar coating industry. With that in mind, we developed an exclusive line of vertical and horizontal
MIL FOR MIL, GALLON FOR GALLON WE STILL COST LESS! Not only is SureCoat Roof coating a better grade and quality of material compared to ordinary coatings but mil for mil, gallon for gallons it actually cost less. Typically manufacturers will specify a defined Dry Film Thickness (DFT) for a warranted system. Unfortunately for you, the applicator, your territory salesman will not always disclose the complete system requirements to you. This can leave you in
Wolfman Contracting of Dallas Texas is the SureCoat Systems featured project of the month for March 2012 with their Gravel Roof Reconditioning Project, Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Our Lady of Lourdes is a 16,240 square foot full SureCoat Roof Reconditioning System installation. According to Gensser of Wolfman Contracting, it was a tougher than normal reroof alternative because the roof was covered with a heavy amount of gravel and the gravel was really embedded in
Featured Project of the Month First Industrial Realty Trust teamed up with JemStar Construction for the February 2012 featured Project of the Month! Property Location: Scott Avenue, Santa Clarita, California Installed By: JemStar Construction Services Property Manager: Kim Summers JemStar Construction completed roof repairs for First Industrial’s Scott Avenue property in September, 2011. After inspecting the repairs recently, First Industrial’s roof consultant extended the roof life for an additional four years. JemStar Construction used the
CRRC PROGRAM MANUAL CHANGES FOR TESTING Let us know what you think….Good or Bad for your business? Comments below 1.   Random Testing failure threshold change Under the new Board approved provisions, the CRRC Random Testing Program will fail a product that receives a test result greater than ± .05 its Solar Reflectance or Thermal Emittance initial values. For example, if the rated value is 0.50, then any test result that is between 0.45 and 0.55