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Why waste your time and money repairing the seams and penetrations on your RV with a product that doesn’t work? This is your local one stop shop for quality RV roof repair products. Leave for your road trip this year SURE that you are protected from any roof leaks by reconditioning your RV (including recreational vehicle, travel trailer, toy trailer and car trailer) with the SureCoat RV Roof System!

The SureCoat RV Roof System is the Highest Quality Coating kit available for REAL, working solutions for your RV roof leak issues! Here’s How to Repair your RV Roof:

SureCoat Systems has perfected the solution for your RV roof repair and put everything you need in one kit. The SureCoat RV Roof System is a do-it-yourself, waterproof solution that is installed in just 3 easy steps; Clean, Prep and Coat.
Cleaning your RV roof has never been easier. SureKlean is a non toxic, biodegradable, industrial strength cleaner that is used to remove the dirt, oils, and even old roof repair materials from your RV roof. Preparation is simple with a coating-fabric-coating technique at penetrations, seams and problem areas. Last, you coat the entire roof field, providing you with a “BETTER THAN NEW” roof.
The SureCoat RV Roof System kit was engineered with the same innovative technology as other SureCoat Systems’ products displaying energy-saving properties that far surpass ratings for any other RV roof coatings on the market today. The elastomeric hybrid chemistry make-up of The SureCoat RV Roof System provides your RV with complete protection from water, heat and all other elements year round.
The unique combination of the SureCoat Systems cleaner, coating and fabric, gives you the durable, element-resistant and most important LEAK FREE RV roof that you deserve! We are SURE of it!
Finally a LEAK FREE roof for your RV that you can do yourself! Unlike the “old school” RV re-roof that costs up to $10,000 and known to dry up and leak again after just a few thermal cycles, The SureCoat RV Roof System will last for more than 10 years. Best of all you can fix your roof once and for all today and be on your way out of town this weekend! We have your kit ready to be shipped right to your garage door now.

Originally designed for industrial use, now reformulated and perfected for your RV Roof Repairs!

No. 1 5 Gallon RV Roof Repair Kit12’ Camper/Trailer (up to 100 sq. feet) includes 100 l.f. of 4" fabric$395
No. 2 7 Gallon RV Roof Repair Kit16’ Camper/Trailer (up to 150 sq. feet) includes 150 l.f. of 4" fabric$549
No. 3 10 Gallon RV Roof Repair Kit20’ Camper/Trailer (up to 200 sq. feet) includes 200 l.f. of 4" fabric$695
No. 4 15 Gallon RV Roof Repair Kit32’ Camper/Trailer (up to 300 sq. feet) includes 300 l.f. of 4" fabric$795
No. 5 20 Gallon RV Roof Repair Kit*45’ Camper/Trailer (up to 400 sq. feet) includes 300 l.f. of 4" fabric *includes additional 1 gallon detail pail*$895
No. 6 2 Gallon RV Roof Repair KitDetail Repair Kit (Seams & Penetrations) includes 50 l.f. of 4" fabric$249
RV FABRIC KITFull - Polyester Fabric Kit (42" x 150’ polyester fabric)$150
All RV Roof Repair Kits include:
· SureKlean cleaner
  · 4 inch RF polyester fabric
  · SureCoat RV Roof Coating
  · Installation Instructions
  · Application Roller

  · Paint Brush

Free shipping in the continental United States

 Click Here to download your SureCoat RV Repair Kit order form or call us at: 877-8-BE-SURE or (877) 823-7873

Simple Installation Steps

  • Inspect the entire roof field to identify problem areas that will need to be repaired or treated prior to coating. Replace any substrate that may be damaged.
  • Clean roof surface by removing debris and sweeping excess dirt off. A vacuum or blower can be used to remove fine dirt and dust. Clean with SureKlean by washing the roof using a power washer. A water broom can be used in some applications. Scrub with a green scrubbing pad or stiff bristle brush. Do not use steel wool; it will leave small metal fibers and create pinholes in the coating.
  • Roof Surface must be completely dry before any application is made.
  • Prepare the roof surface to receive the coating by dressing all penetrations, equipment mounts, skylights, roof hatches and mechanical fasteners. Apply coating, then a single ply of fabric and additional coating; embedding the fabric in between two layers of the SureCoat RV roof coating.
  • Pre-Coat Problem Areas first. Depending on condition of surface, apply additional coating with embedded fabric to any separating seams, or delaminating areas.
  • Apply SureCoat RV System Coating to the field of the roof by ½ inch nap roller, brush or airless sprayer (see equipment specifications). Enough coating must be applied here to ensure the saturation of fabric in next step.
  • Embed Fabric into coating throughout the RV roof field, making sure it as flush as possible. Make sure that the fabric does not fish-mouth.*
  • Apply SureCoat RV System second coat over the fabric.
  • Allow 48 hours for SureCoat RV System to dry before exposing to any damp weather conditions. The SureCoat RV System is a low VOC water based material that can wash away with rain if not cured.

        * Fabric should not have any voids under it or be lifted from the surface. It is best to use extra coating in these areas.


Finished Product is The SureCoat RV Roof System, a durable seamless roof on your RV that is Energy Efficient and will last! We are SURE of it!