Before the creation of SureCoat Roof Systems, our construction company had used just about every roof coating product on the market since the 70’s. So it’s safe to say we’ve seen what’s out there and we’ve witnessed the interesting transformation of what is known as the commercial roofing warranty.

Back in the day, warranties were a sign of good faith between a contractor and an owner, but now they have become more of a prop that muddles the importance of actual quality when it comes to your roofing system.

When angry customers and failed products came to call, we found out the hard way that the big box companies have big departments that tell you a product will do something and when it doesn’t, they have even bigger departments that tell you what they’re going to do to fix it which is usually nothing. Essentially, we were liable for big projects and even bigger money with no solution. So we decided to find one for ourselves and not too long after that, SureCoat Systems was born. But we’re here to focus on the warranty issue, so let’s get back on track.

Today just about all manufacturers have some version of a roof warranty in just about every color of the rainbow – different coverage options, disclaimers, costs, exclusions, etc. But they don’t truly help a property owner understand what kind of roof system they bought or its true value. A consumer sees the word warranty and instantly thinks “insurance policy,” as we talked about in last month’s post, here.

Many companies take the sales approach to selling commercial roofing, and that’s through selling warranties and not actually selling the product itself. Why push a warranty so hard you ask? Because they can’t prove their systems will work as long as they say it will. Many are new formulas that have never been tested outside of a lab, which is all too common with single ply and coatings. And, as long as everything is somehow voided in the warranty due to “installation,” “lack of maintenance,” or “ponding,” they really just don’t care.

When you’re investing in a roof system, of course, you want to read and study whatever warranty comes along with it, but more importantly, you need to understand what type of product you are getting and how well it will actually perform.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the definition of value for a moment.

Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something.

Okay, so something that is important, useful, and my favorite, worth it – got it!

Don’t you want a roof system that is valuable? A roof system that has been field tested outside of a lab and is proven to perform – no leaks, no crack, no failures? Your answer should be yes, and you know why? Because that leaves you A) a solid investment, and B) with a warranty you never have to use.

And that my friends, is the real definition of value.