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What No One Tells You About Waterproofing



There are several things to consider before jumping into your next roof restoration or waterproofing project. Some things to think about are roof size, style, climate, environmental stipulations, sustainability and susceptibility to further damage. When in the planning stages of your project, it’s important to do your research, look at the products available on the market even interview the companies that offer waterproofing solutions to find the best product for your property. The right waterproofing system should be formulated and designed to prevent further risk and damage and ensure the longevity of your property. To help make your next project a success, here are 6 tips to think about when planning for your next coating project.

1. Proper Waterproofing SHOULD Prevent Damage from the Pressure of Standing Water

A correctly formulated waterproof system should protect against the toughest flat and low sloped roof issues, namely ponding. To give you some insight into why ponding is such a huge problem, one cubic foot of water that pools can weigh up to 62.4 pounds. So, that means one vertical inch of water in a square foot can potentially weigh about five pounds. And if you have several ponding areas throughout the field of your roof or one large area covered with water, that weight adds up, and the pressure does a number to your roof system i.e. seam separation, lifting, mastics that crack around penetrations and flashing, deterioration at drains and waterways, etc.

2. Research The Right Type of Roof System

There are several waterproofing systems on the market today. Traditionally you will see TPO, PVC, or EPDM waterproofing membranes, which are synthetic rubber or thermoplastic membranes manufactured to be UV-resistant, water resistant, fully adhering, etc. and essentially they tote themselves as waterproof. The truth is they don’t end up improving or extending the longevity or lifecycle of your roof, they end up cracking, lifting or leaking anyway. Just because they are lightweight, less expensive, faster or easier to install doesn’t necessarily mean it is so, which leads to our next tip.

3. Upfront Costs Are Worth It

A roof does more than keep the elements out. It protects your biggest investment – your property. The right product might not be the cheapest upfront but may save you extra money and maintenance in the long run. Look at the products you’re considering for use, what does the real lifecycle look like on projects that have been done? What does the field performance look like? Look for case studies and proof of performance and don’t assume a product will do everything.

4. Warranty Research

We’ve done a couple of posts on how elusive warranties have become in the roofing industry, and we strongly suggest you go back and read them (here and here), but in short, we can’t stress enough how important it is actually to see and read what you’re getting yourself into. A consumer sees the word “warranty,” “consequential damages,” “labor and material,” etc., and immediately thinks insurance policy. The reality is that the buyer is only seeing what the seller wants them to see, aka only sees what the materials do and not what they don’t do. Read your warranty and be able to understand it word for word.

5. Field Testing

Superior physical properties and proper formulations bring the greatest value for waterproofing coatings and applications. As mentioned, a good waterproofing roof system should and will be built to last and save you money. The SureCoat Roof System is unlike any other product on the market because it protects against ponding water, leaking, separation, cracking, etc. You name it SureCoat prevents it. Our product was tested in labs and it was tested in the field – we have performed countless case studies and monitored the life of our products performance over the last 20 years at different installations in diverse climates. We are SO confident in our single-ply membrane that we are backing our sticky white goo baby with a 20-Year Renewable Warranty – and that includes ponding water

6. The Right Vendor

At SureCoat, we supply you not only with all the materials you need to do your project from start to finish, but we also supply you with the support you need to get your project done right. We are a one stop shop for all your waterproofing and roof restoration needs, a product that will last up to 20 years with a warranty you will never have to use. What’s better value than that?

Tell us about your next waterproofing project below!

Partial Roof Systems Now + Finish Later = WARRANTY


Making good decisions is essential to reducing short and long-term costs associated with any property improvement related projects. This is especially true when it comes to the larger, more complex projects like re-roofing. The first major decision that should be made is whether to simply patch leaks and damaged areas, perform a partial restoration or if it is necessary, to complete a full restoration project. The good news is, with the right product, a partial roof system or patches and small repairs can be cost effective when implemented and successfully extend the life of your current roof.

What To Look For

When to reroof depends on several variables – wear, age, climate, and your property’s susceptibility to future damage if you should decide to wait. When you’re inspecting your property for damage, there are a few common characteristics that all traditional roof systems seem to have:

  • Seam separation and lifting
  • Mastics that crack around penetrations and flashings
  • Deterioration at drains
  • Waterways and ponding areas

Movement and ponding both cause roofing materials to dry out and lose the ability to flex meaning the elongation is lost when the memory is lost. All of this damage ultimately leads to roof leaks and eventually substrate damage.

How To Invest

So back to that decision-making we mentioned above. We all love to save money, which can lead us to purchase low priced products that don’t do what they are supposed to, or we just do nothing at all (which is a decision in itself).

Our solution for you is to do something. Do the small patches and repairs, do the partial, and then implement a full warranted roof system when your budget allows. To start, you will want to do your research and make sure you are investing in the right product for your property. In the case of a partial roof restoration, you will want to look for something that will extend the life of your existing roof and not leave you with more out-of-pocket costs a few months down the road. The good news? There is only one solution that will allow for a partial roof system NOW that will extend the life of your current roof and a full restoration LATER. That is the SureCoat Roof System.

The SureCoat Roof System is the only true Seamless Single-ply roofing membrane solution on the market today that will allow for a partial installation to be done now and a full restoration later and still get a warranty.

Movement and ponding that will cause roof materials to dry out and elongation to be lost will not happen with SureCoat. Our roof system is made to be a monolithic material with enough elongation in extreme temperatures and weather conditions so that it won’t lose its memory, become brittle and crack.

SureCoat is also a membrane forming material. It is a fully adhered system using resins with “hook- like” molecules that “bite” into the existing roof and become part of it. No mastics, adhesives, sealants, or other materials are used to install a SureCoat Roof System.

SureCoat consists of only one coating product that cures into a completely seamless, self-flashing, self-adhered, 100% waterproof, cool roof membrane that never needs to be replaced because it’s renewable!

Restoring with the SureCoat Roof System is far superior and more effective than any other roof replacement out there. Who do you waterproof with?

What Warranty?


Before the creation of SureCoat Roof Systems, our construction company had used just about every roof coating product on the market since the 70’s. So it’s safe to say we’ve seen what’s out there and we’ve witnessed the interesting transformation of what is known as the commercial roofing warranty.

Back in the day, warranties were a sign of good faith between a contractor and an owner, but now they have become more of a prop that muddles the importance of actual quality when it comes to your roofing system.

When angry customers and failed products came to call, we found out the hard way that the big box companies have big departments that tell you a product will do something and when it doesn’t, they have even bigger departments that tell you what they’re going to do to fix it which is usually nothing. Essentially, we were liable for big projects and even bigger money with no solution. So we decided to find one for ourselves and not too long after that, SureCoat Systems was born. But we’re here to focus on the warranty issue, so let’s get back on track.

Today just about all manufacturers have some version of a roof warranty in just about every color of the rainbow – different coverage options, disclaimers, costs, exclusions, etc. But they don’t truly help a property owner understand what kind of roof system they bought or its true value. A consumer sees the word warranty and instantly thinks “insurance policy,” as we talked about in last month’s post, here.

Many companies take the sales approach to selling commercial roofing, and that’s through selling warranties and not actually selling the product itself. Why push a warranty so hard you ask? Because they can’t prove their systems will work as long as they say it will. Many are new formulas that have never been tested outside of a lab, which is all too common with single ply and coatings. And, as long as everything is somehow voided in the warranty due to “installation,” “lack of maintenance,” or “ponding,” they really just don’t care.

When you’re investing in a roof system, of course, you want to read and study whatever warranty comes along with it, but more importantly, you need to understand what type of product you are getting and how well it will actually perform.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the definition of value for a moment.

Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something.

Okay, so something that is important, useful, and my favorite, worth it – got it!

Don’t you want a roof system that is valuable? A roof system that has been field tested outside of a lab and is proven to perform – no leaks, no crack, no failures? Your answer should be yes, and you know why? Because that leaves you A) a solid investment, and B) with a warranty you never have to use.

And that my friends, is the real definition of value.

Creating Value for the Approved SureCoat Contractor


Investing in a roof system is a big deal. It’s not just about choosing the right products or understanding how a warranty covers you, but it’s also about connecting with the right individuals who can install those products the right way.

SureCoat has 40+ years of experience behind it from all aspects of the construction industry, so believe us when we say we’ve been around the block a time or two. ;D The point being is that we know the ins and outs, we know the rules and regs, we know how companies operate, and more importantly, we know how companies SHOULD operate. That’s why when we started our own, we wanted to create value and provide the right support for our contractors, consumers and the people we work with on a daily basis.

There is a running theme in our industry where contractors do not get the support they need or deserve from material suppliers. Once a supplier takes your order and gives you a price, they are on their way. We created the SureCoat Approved Contractor program to help our contractors discover what it means to work with proven products and processes that don’t fail and how to nurture a sustainable roofing business by working together.

Whether you are local, regional, national, new to waterproofing or extensively familiar with what’s on the market and are just looking for better technology, you are guaranteed to become the better roofing solution and to be taken care of.

Becoming a SureCoat Approved contractor is simple and easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. The program requires you to go through our classroom training presentation, FAQ-Quiz and to fill out our approved contractor application. Once completed, all you have to do is send in the signed form – it’s that simple. And yes, our product is that easy to use.

10 Benefits to becoming an Approved Contractor:

  1. To start, we hold live, in-house master classes with one-on-one training on how to use and understand all the SureCoat products.
  2. We support you with estimating and developing proposals
  3. We offer sales tools including PowerPoint Presentations and case studies for roof, wall and concrete restorations
  4. Product comparisons
  5. Professional installation guides, product data, and specs
  6. Flat and low-slope roof coatings, exterior wall coatings and penetrating sealers for concrete, brick, masonry and other natural stone building materials.
  7. Detailed professional specifications that are available and formatted for you to drop into your existing proposals.
  8. Samples for test patterns and adhesion testing
  9. Appointments with SureCoat Systems product specialists to act as material experts and directly interact with your clients on your behalf.
  10. And, the industry’s best roof and wall warranties. – We are so confident in our product that we have real performance warranties that include things like, oh gosh, what was it again… oh yeah, PONDING WATER.

“SureCoat Systems Contractor Training is packed with rich data to support my business growth goals, demonstrate their superior product and train my team to be more effective. This class was well worth two hours of time for more ROI and some lunch!”

– Dave Schuelke, Twin Home Experts


We have performed countless case studies and monitored the life of our products performance over the last 20 years at different installations in diverse climates. We are so confident in our single-ply membrane that we backed it with a 20-year Renewable Warranty, and we offer that confidence to you and your customers.

Warranties, An Industry Illusion



When you make a big purchase, the manufacturer or seller usually makes a substantial promise to back their product or service, also known as that little thing called a warranty. And, federal law requires that these “guarantees” or “assurances” be available for you to read before you buy a product. Yes, we did say read. And yes, trying to make sense of said warranties is like trying to read another language when you don’t even speak it.

With several years of industry experience under our belts here at SureCoat, and roughing it through the other warranties out there, it is clear that in the roofing industry, coverage varies big time and the extent of the warranty is even more elusive.

A consumer sees the word “warranty,” “consequential damages,” “labor and material,” etc., and immediately thinks insurance policy, but the reality is that the buyer:

  1. Only sees what the seller or manufacturer wants them to see;
  2. May only be seeing the warranty application – The warranty application looks like the warranty, but nothing on the page guarantees coverage;
  3. Pays for the warranty up front with the assumption that it covers all bases – against leaks, performance protection, labor and material costs and even that it will function for term without additional costs – but doesn’t see the actual warranty in all its glory until the roof is installed;
  4. Or worse yet, never sees or reads it at all!

As mentioned above, we’ve done the legwork. We’ve reviewed and compared company warranties, and this is what we’ve found.

First of all, most have a fee for any and all types of warranties available.

Second, there is a big difference between defect and performance warranties. Manufacturing defect is not a promise that the product or system is to perform a certain way, only that the manufacturer didn’t make the product wrong, which in big box companies is rare. They have a formula and they follow that formula over and over mass-producing the same old product. Not one thing is mentioned about what the roof SHOULD be doing, you will only see statements about what IS and IS NOT covered in the “will cover leaks” statement in the first sentence of the first paragraph.

Also, there is typically an obsessive amount of emphasis given to the tenure of the warranty and not so much the life cycle history of the product. A 20-year warranty is great and all, but how long has the product been on the market? And, more than that, how exactly has the product been tested? Lab testing is just the beginning; has the product been tested over a period of time out in the elements with its true performance observed? Usually not.

Pro-Rated = Red Flags

After a period of time, usually 10 years, but can be as soon as 2, the customer/contractor/building owner must come up with a percentage of the cost to replace any warranty failures. Those costs include: labor, materials, removal and disposal of roofing waste, and of those costs, warranties only cover a portion if the product was defective. If not, the owner will dish out 100% of the costs. OUCH!

And, if we didn’t drive the point home enough already, major pro tip here: anything that will make your flat roof fail prematurely is going to be excluded and not covered.

The moral of our story here?

Read, read and read some more.

Read your warranty like your roof is already leaking. Understand and know your warranty like you have to defend yourself in court, knowing exactly where to point out the words “this roof will not leak under any condition, and if it fails to do so, the manufacturer will cover all costs because of the lack of performance.”

There is no substitute for the lack of quality control, for the lack of high-quality materials, workmanship, design, and manufacturer or supplier support to ensure top roof performance.

A piece of paper will never keep water out of your building unless it says SureCoat at the top. At SureCoat, we’ve never had a claim for failed material in a system that was installed to our specifications ever in company history. We have endless amounts of support for sales, installation, and estimation. On top of that, our product has been “Field Tested” meaning we’ve tested our membrane products out in the elements for its lifecycle before we even tried to sell it. A contractor will understand what we offer and how to use it correctly, so they don’t even have to think about a warranty. But, should they need it, we offer confidence by what we do cover – think leaks and ponding water.

Some final words of wisdom, do your homework, look for case studies or proof of performance and don’t assume that a warranty covers anything or everything.

What We Stand Behind, The Power of National Roofing Week


Each summer the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), dedicates a whole week to all things roofing.

Okay, that’s a little bit vague. By all things roofing, we mean working to raise awareness about the importance of roofing to every home and business across the U.S., and to share the good deeds of the industry. Most importantly, it’s a time to promote positive practices and to educate local communities about making conscious choices on the maintenance or purchase of a roofing system.

SureCoat Systems has years of expertise in the construction and roofing industry and saw that there was a need for reliable products, services, and support, and took the opportunity to develop and provide just that.

One thing we work hard to educate on is the importance of a warranty.

It’s not hard to see that sustainability is the direction of the world. And, with that, we see numerous single-ply membrane products on the market being touted as the next best green innovation. But are they?

From the market research we’ve done, many, if not all of those systems fail long before the warranted lifecycle mainly because they are not field-tested. They never make it outside of the lab and into the field before they are packaged up and put on sale, which means double the work and double the money. Most will have to be repaired, removed or replaced.

Perfect example, we had a customer ask if the team could help his friend analyze the bids she got from three different contractors. When we got down to looking at the technical data, all three systems were the same. None of the systems had a warranty attached to the quote for the products or systems, and there was no warranty provided at the end of the project either. The only warranty mention was a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on the coating, and that warranty was for protection against defect, not performance. A previous system that was chosen and used had turned out to be leak city for the customer. And it turns out the contractor did not read the technical data sheet which states the perm rating and that the system was water resistant but cautioned against use in areas of poor drainage.

Pro Tip: Be careful of terms like resistant. In the grand scheme of things, resistant doesn’t mean a whole lot. Sure, the product can resist elements for an hour, a day or a week, but that doesn’t mean that the product won’t end up leaking. Misleading terms and statements aren’t uncommon in the world of warranties because the whole point is to limit warranty liability.

Most coatings out there are not waterproof. Looking at the perm rating will tell you exactly how fast moisture will pass through a membrane. Flat and low-sloped roofs need very low perm ratings so that the moisture can stay on the surface and evaporate. In short, don’t use anything with a perm rating higher than a 1 on a true flat roof.

We have a library of roof pictures, all less than 3-years old that are in disrepair leaving the owners spending more money on recoating their properties twice a year because the loophole warranty is void due to ponding or some obscure terminology.

Before you go throwing down thousands on a system that you assume is going to protect you, get to know your product. Understand the technical data, perm ratings, solid content, etc., read the installation specifications and request a copy of the warranty up front.

It’s not only important to recognize the terms of any warranty you are getting into, but it’s important to partner with manufacturers and contractors that provide the transparency needed to support your projects and stand behind the products and services they offer.

At SureCoat we have that support for each step of each project worked on. A contractor or customer will understand what single-ply membrane products we have and how to use them, so they don’t even have to think twice about, gosh what’s that thing called again??? Oh yeah, a warranty!

We are proud for the opportunity to take part in this weeklong event to further promote a positive work ethic and celebrate roofing, contractors, our team members and partners in the industry.

Thank you, NRCA!

The Force is Strong with El Niño, Returning This Summer



Weather fact: Did you know that “El Niño” means “the little boy,” or “Christ child” in Spanish, and was originally recognized by fisherman off the coast of South America in the 1600s? A Peruvian fisherman equated the water-warming phenomenon to the newborn Christ, around Christmas, and just like that, a weather anomaly was born.

Just a year ago, we experienced the strongest El Niño since the 1997-98 season, with sea-surface temps reaching as high as 4°F above average, which is abnormally high. For reasons not clearly understood, we see El Niño make a return about every 2 to 7 years, with a patch of the Pacific Ocean warming, and then cooling, over a period of 6 to 18 months. And while many think that we’re out of the woods, forecasters aren’t so sure. There is an increasing possibility for another El Niño to move right back in later this year, with beginning this summer.

So what does that mean for us? Well, it’s unclear just how strong another El Niño might be, but even a mild one could affect weather patterns around the world. One thing we do know is that it means that wetter conditions will prevail across the southern US, including right here in Southern California.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is reporting that conditions remain neutral, with normal sea-surface temperatures; but new developments predict a 50% chance of an El Niño recurrence. NOAA scientists who have been studying the phenomenon say that there has never been a swing from El Niño to La Niña (the cooling period) and back again in such a short time, reporting that it’s happened only once, in the 1960’s.

With El Niño/La Niña in such a mood swing, scientists and meteorologists are focused on predicting what’s going to happen; however, models and predictions disagree on what 2017 El Niño’s new mood swing may unleash. Last year’s El Niño caused droughts in some areas of Africa and excessive rainfall in other areas of the world. All that forecasters can really advise is to get organized and be prepared.

Even if you lucked out last year with no property damage, you can’t count on having the same luck again this year. Summer is almost here, roofing season is in full swing and, with the threat of another El Niño looming, reputable roofing contractors are booking up.

When considering your roofing restoration, ask for the roof proof. For over 20 years, SureCoat Systems has Field Tested proven product reliability, lowering the cost of roof maintenance, roof repairs, and future roof budgets. SureCoat Roof Restoration Systems will not leak under ponding water and that’s a fact. Bring it, El Niño!

Mom, a Title Just WAY Above Queen


Moms are silly.

They love us for our failures, our egomaniacal behavior, flagrant flaws and all that is considered our faultiness as humans.

They have kissed our boo-boos, car-pooled us across three states just to get us to our soccer championships and continue to feed us and wash our clothing even when were 45 and married with five kids… or just 45.

Come on, Moms! Get your acts together. If you really knew what you were doing you’d love us less for malfunctioning defectiveness, I mean it would be a lot less work, right? But, that’s just not what a “Mom” is.

There is a quote out there that goes “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” I don’t know who said that, but they were on point. If nothing else, religious or not, it is a reminder that so much of what a Mother does is invisible to the rest of us.

Nothing in the entire world that could truly repay your Mom for all she’s done. A day to celebrate Moms is a good start, but think about it, what does she usually demand for all her hard work? No, what does she demand for giving you life and making your life complete? A hug, a kiss, or a thank you! That’s it!

So back to that main point, Moms maybe silly but they love us unconditionally with an extra spritz of faith, and grace, and devotion thrown in and they truly make the world, and our world go round.

Thank you, Moms, you’re the best.

P.S. You’re right about everything.

Happy Mothers Day!

SureCoat’s White Goo (Divinity Candy)

divinity candy
Photo by: Marg (Cayman Designs)

This delicious recipe turns out perfectly every time and is so easy to make!  You’ll get requests for this indulgent little treat every Holiday Season.


  • 2 ½ cups sugar
  • ½ cup light corn syrup
  • ½ cup water
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ cup chopped pecans or cherries (optional)


  1. In a 2 quart saucepan combine sugar, corn syrup, water, and salt.
  2. Cook to hardball stage, (260 degrees), stirring only until sugar dissolves.
  3. Meanwhile, as temperature of syrup reaches 250 degrees, beat egg white till stiff peaks form. (stiff peak stage, beat until sharp tips form when the beaters are lifted. When egg whites are over-beaten, they look curdled and dry.)
  4. When syrup reaches 260 degrees, very gradually add the syrup to egg whites, beating at high speed with electric mixer.
  5. Add vanilla and beat until candy holds its shape, 4-5 minutes.
  6. Stir in the chopped nuts or cherries, if desired.
  7. Quickly drop candy from a teaspoon onto waxed paper, swirling the top of each piece.

Let us know how your holiday divinity candy turned out in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

RoofersCoffeeShop.com Welcomes SureCoat Systems


roofers coffee shop logo

For Immediate Release
For More Information: Victoria Sharples


RoofersCoffeeShop.com Welcomes SureCoat Systems

SureCoat Systems helps Contractors Develop a Lucrative Service and Maintenance Program


(Yorba Linda, CA, April 22, 2016) – RoofersCoffeeShop.com, the place where the industry meets for technology, information and everyday business, is pleased to welcome SureCoat Systems, a leading innovator of energy efficient waterproofing membranes and roof coating systems.  With a strong commitment to providing excellent products and technical support from start to finish, SureCoat helps contractors not only secure rooftops but build strong service and maintenance programs.


SureCoat products are a perfect fit for roofing contractors and waterproofing contractors that are looking to grow their business in today’s economy.  Whether you are a roofing contractor that has experience with other coating systems or looking for better technology, the SureCoat team can help companies grow their service and maintenance business.
Jesse Martinson, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor of SureCoat System and owner JemStar Construction knew there was a better way to protect roofs along with the building owner’s assets.  “It comes down to the products you use and knowing that they will perform,” states Martinson. “There is nothing worse than having a product fail and the manufacturer not standing behind the warranty.”


With that in mind, Martinson created SureCoat Systems and utilized it within his own, very successful, service and maintenance program at JemStar Construction.  He wanted to be sure that he had a product that would work for his company and most importantly for his customers.  He was committed to providing a proof of concept through his own construction company first and it worked.  The results now show in the sustainability and longevity of SureCoat Systems that have been installed across the United States.


RoofersCoffeeShop.com is excited to share Jesse’s advice concerning service and maintenance programs and the importance of finding the right products for success.  The coffee shop will be sharing Jesse’s successes with contractor reviews, product case studies and important tips for successful commercial roofing service and maintenance programs.


About SureCoat Systems

The principals of SureCoat Systems have 30 years of building experience that is utilized to provide answers to all types of technical questions about your roof, wall and concrete restoration projects. Understanding building practices and the differences between SureCoat Systems and other restoration systems has helped to develop product presentations and sales and estimating tools to assist contractors with their businesses.  SureCoat is committed to helping our partners grow their business with environmentally friendly, high-performing, quality products and honest, reliable information.  Call 877-823-7873 to speak with a SureCoat Systems Product Specialist today or visit www.surecoatsystems.com.


About RoofersCoffeeShop.com

RoofersCoffeeShop.com is committed to being a roofing professional advocate by supplying consistent information, education and communication avenues for all roofing professionals, and especially contractors, while promoting the positive growth, education and success of the roofing industry overall. Visitors to the site continue to find excellent opportunities for sharing information while participating in important ongoing conversations concerning new technologies, safety and the overall roofing trade. From the rooftop to the board room, RoofersCoffeeShop.com is “Where the Industry Meets!” For more information, visit www.rooferscoffeeshop.com.