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53,000 S. F. Metal Roof Restoration – Vernon, California

metal roof with cap sheet

SureCoat Metal Roof Restoration


JemStar Construction completed a 530 square metal roof restoration over 2 corrugated metal roofs at CMI Logistics LLC, a leading intermodal distribution company in the metals industry.


The corrugated metal roofs had a mineral cap sheet attached to them that was completely deteriorated to the point that it was falling off the roof surface. The exposed deteriorating asphalt roofing suffered from abrasion and was delaminating entirely. Beneath the built-up roofing materials, the metal roof was also being damaged, creating rust at penetrations, panels, lap joints and fasteners in various places throughout the roof. Leaks were entering the metal roof at the attachment screws and lap joints. The leaks began to rust and damage the structural steel supports of the building and the rain gutters were full of the deteriorated asphalt roofing and rusted beyond repair.

metal roof


The annual roof maintenance inspection in August of 2015 reported that the roof was still serviceable but only if the loose cap sheet was removed, fasteners tightened and sealed and the metal surface treated and sealed with the SureCoat Roof System. By September 2015, Alden Management had a proposal from JemStar Construction and by January 2016, the metal roof restoration was underway.


In preparation for the installation, JemStar Construction first installed 575 lineal feet of safety lifeline in the ridge of both the metal roofs that the construction crews were going to be working on. Next, the rusted and damaged rain gutters at the exterior perimeter of the building were removed and scheduled to be replaced with new custom metal rain gutters toward the end of the project.coating fasteners metal roofs


The roof was scraped to remove the existing deteriorated mineral asphalt cap sheet roofing materials. Then the roof was scraped again and cleaned to remove the loose and peeling adhesive and roof mastics from the corrugated metal roof panels.


The prep work on this roof included checking and tightening all of the roof fasteners.  All broken or damaged fasteners were replaced as needed. Then all roof fasteners were cleaned with a wire brush or wire wheel and SureSkrub was used to remove dirt and grime. The loose roof panels and flashings were also fastened as needed.


The JemStar crew then cleaned and sanded the rusty metal flashings and inspected the remaining roof panels addressing splits, cracks and rusted areas. Once the metal roof repairs were completed, the crew cleaned, prepped and sealed the metal equipment curbs in the center of the building’s structure. A rusty metal primer was first applied to rusted areas of the metal surfaces. The curb to roof connection was sealed with SureCoat and Poly-Mesh; adding a finish coat of SureCoat to create a 4-ply coating repair to this area.

metal roof coating


SureCoat and Poly-Mesh were then applied to all roof penetrations and roof flashings to prevent cracking in preparation for a complete metal roof restoration. SureCoat and Poly-Mesh were also used at visible cracks and splits to repair the metal.


All fasteners and screws in the roof surface were pretreated with a dollop of SureCoat and then sprayed with a basecoat of SureCoat covering the fasteners and lap joints throughout the field of the roof.


Once these areas were dry, a basecoat of SureCoat was applied to the entire metal roof surface at a rate of 2 gallons per 100 sq. ft. The following day, a topcoat of StrucSureCoat in storm Cloud gray was applied at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft.metal roof restoration



These restored metal roofs now have a 10 year renewable manufacturer’s performance warranty. These roofs can easily be renewed in year 10 for a portion of the initial installation cost and the warranty extended for an additional 10 years.


SureCoat adheres to all types of metals including factory-coated metal, galvanized, bonderized, mild steel, sheet metal and aluminum. SureCoat can be used to seal and recondition exposed HVAC ducts, plenums and flashings to stop rust, increase energy savings of the HVAC and to waterproof these problem areas. SureCoat forms a seamless, protective, waterproof membrane that moves with thermal cycles and stops oxidation to metal. Without moisture and air, the oxidation process is interrupted so rust no longer forms on the metal.

metal roof restoration

SureCoat is a cool roof coating with exceedingly high energy efficiency that lasts! Unlike many roof coatings, SureCoat retains almost all of its original values even after years in service. SureCoat has a total Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 111%, emitting 93% of heat back into the atmosphere and reflecting up to 88% of the suns damaging UV rays.

To learn more about the SureCoat Roof System for metal roof restorations, call or click today 877-823-7873 – www.surecoatsystems.com.

field tested coatings



Clear Properties – Gravel Roof Restoration

SureCoat Roof Install over gravel roofing

Restoring a Gravel Roof in Hawthorne, California…


This charming little apartment building is freshly painted, elegantly landscaped and the perfect place to call home in Hawthorne, California.  You would never know by looking at it, but this building suffered from chronic roof leaks for years.


Similar to the gravel roof restoration completed over the Leland church in Mississippi last year, the tar and gravel roof of this apartment building has a very low-slope and ponds water with each rain.  Clear Properties was looking for a solution to their worn and leaking gravel roof when they heard about the SureCoat Roof System.  After much online research and the comparing of product data and warranties, Clear Properties contacted a local SureCoat Approved Contractor for a proposal.gravel-roof-restoraiton


The gravel roof of this Clear Properties’ apartment building consisted of layers of coated felt that was built up and sealed together with asphalt bitumen.  The asphalt was then covered with a layer of gravel to protect it from harmful UV rays.  UV and ponding water are two of the most damaging elements to asphalt roofing materials.


Once a gravel roof is weathered and brittle, walking on the roof to perform leak repairs only increases the chances of developing more roof leaks.  It is easy for the gravel to puncture the dried out asphalt membrane during routine roof maintenance.  The gravel hides the surface of the roof and often creates a water dam that allows water to pond for long periods of time.  A leak can even appear to be in the same area of the roof that has already been repaired because water will always find the weakest point of entry and travel.  Flat and low-slope gravel roofs are some of the most difficult roof systems to detect roof leaks in and then repair.  Years can be spent chasing the leaks in gravel roofs.


DSCN3448The owners of this apartment building had previously contracted with several different roofers in an effort to fix the re-occurring leaks.  Unfortunately, no roof repair lasted long.  Prior to the installation of the SureCoat Roof System, this roof was repaired with several different products.  In one large area of the roof, the gravel was swept away and coated with an inferior white coating.  The owner had been persuaded to use an expensive silicone product that by all accounts was installed correctly only to discolor and blister.  This compounded their roof leak issues as no other roof coating would stick to the blistered and peeling silicone surface.


To avoid the need for re-roof, the SureCoat Approved Contractor heated and ground off the silicone and then scraped the remaining area to allow for a fully reinforced SureCoat Roof System to be properly installed.  The roof was then scrubbed with SureSkrub and power rinsed completely prior to the roof repairs and installation of the SureCoat Roof System.


The SureCoat Roof System saved Clear Properties thousands of dollars over a traditional re-roof.  Best of all, the aggravation of the continuous roof leaks was completely eliminated.  Now the roof is as trouble free and well-kept as the rest of the apartment complex.


The maintenance crew of Clear Properties later attended one of SureCoat Systems’ monthly training classes in Anaheim, California.  During training, the Clear Properties technicians were educated on the SureCoat Roof System and shown how they are able to use SureCoat products to maintain the roofs of their other properties that are still waiting on roof budgets.


There are few options for restoring a gravel roof; luckily SureCoat is one of them!



  • Gravel roof prevented the roof surface from being exposed, hiding cracks and failures in the roof membrane
  • Silicone repairs, no other product would adhere to the silicone roof coating repair
  • Tenants in the building; noise and smell concerns


  • Remove the gravel ballast material, spud the remaining embedded gravel to eliminate any protrusions or sharp edges that might compromise the system when under foot traffic
  • Prepare the roof surface for the application of the SureCoat Roof System by scrubbing the roof with SureSkrub and power rinsing the roof clean
  • Apply primer to rusty metal flashings and exposed equipment curbs and apply the SureCoat and Poly-Mesh at all roof penetrations
  • Install a 60 mil DFT, 2800 psi tensile strength, fully reinforced SureCoat Roof System with a 10 year renewable, non-prorated warranty


SureCoat gravel roof restorationThe SureCoat Roof Restoration System is the longest lasting roof coating system for worn out gravel roofs.  By using the existing roof as a base, the SureCoat Roof System can add an additional 10-20 years of life back into an existing gravel roof without the need for a roof tear-off.  The SureCoat Roof System brings new life to old gravel roofs.


This building now has a roof system with a written warranty that is non-prorated, covers leaks in roof ponds and is renewable with maintenance applications at the end of each 10 year warranty period.

Click here to contact SureCoat Systems or call
877-823-7873 for installation and pricing information.

field tested coatings

20 Year Roof Restoration – Pacific Roofing Systems


Platinum Approved Contractor, Pacific Roofing Systems, keeps 27,000 square feet of roofing materials out of landfills in Santa Barbara, California. 

With 40 years combined roofing experience and knowledge, Pacific Roofing Systems is well versed in all roofing applications and strives to be on the cutting edge of green roofing technologies.  It is with this knowledge and unparalleled quality craftsmanship that Pacific Roofing Systems designed and built a complete roof restoration system for the Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care facility, saving 27,000 SF of roofing materials from landfills.  Utilizing only the best roofing products, Pacific Roofing Systems offers premier roofing, waterproofing, decking and sheet metal construction services throughout Southern California.


hospice care roofing systemsSince 1908, Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care has been dedicated to providing comprehensive home health and hospice care related services to the community of Santa Barbara, California.  From the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 to the National Hospice Demonstration Project in 1980, for over 100 years, Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care has built a foundation to promote health and well-being throughout their local community.


The granulated mineral cap sheet roofs of Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care suffered from chronic leaks with delamination at seals and cracks around pipe penetrations.  These failures allowed for water infiltration into the roofing system and fed leaks into their buildings.  Other roofers were hired to perform roof leak repairs but their traditional mastic patches proved to be an ineffective solution.  Each mastic repair eventually dried out and cracked, opening up the areas again to water intrusion.


In an effort to solve their roof leak issues once and for all, Pacific Roofing SystemsVisiting Nurses & Hospice Care called in bids for a new roof system.  Upon initial consultation with Pacific Roofing Systems, Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care was convinced they wanted a new TPO roof.  Pacific Roofing Systems met with the owners and presented a bid for TPO (the basis of design) and an alternate for the SureCoat Roof System (SCRS).  The owners considered a TPO system but lost interest after hearing about the superior elastomeric characteristics of the SCRS.  The owner’s decision was swayed by the monolithic properties of the SCRS, elimination of roof tear-off costs and the unmatched SureCoat Systems’ roof warranty which states performance and protection against ponding water conditions.  Additionally, the owners realized tremendous long term value in the SCRS for the fact that a SureCoat roof is highly solar reflective, heat emissive, Title 24 compliant, and Energy Star approved.  Learn more about the SureCoat Roof System here…


Parking and roof access was also a major challenge on this project.  A roof tear-off would have resulted in project delays, demanded significant displacement of parking spots and costly tear-off and dump fees.  After presenting the differences between a traditional TPO single-ply roof system and the SureCoat Seamless Single-Ply roof system, it was clear to the owners that the SCRS was their unanimous choice.


Pacific Roofing Systems installed a 62 mil, fully reinforced, 20-Year Renewable SureCoat Roof Restoration System over each building for a total of 27,000 SF.  For additional durability, Pacific Roofing Systems installed a non-slip walkway coating system as a path for service access to HVAC contractors.  This new walkway will provide additional protection to heavy foot traffic and additional slip resistance during routine HVAC equipment maintenance.


“Do you know the feeling of confidence and conviction when you buy a high quality product?  The SureCoat Roof System embodies the performance and durability that gives contractors and building owners’ confidence and conviction that SureCoat will protect their most valuable investments.  Pacific Roofing Systems enjoys and appreciates the professionalism and unparalleled customer service provided by the SureCoat Systems’ staff.  The service provided by SureCoat Systems from training, product literature, marketing, product support, order processing, technical support, and warranty processing has proven to set the standard in the industry.”
Alan Stovesand, Pacific Roofing Systems – Dana Point, California


Pacific Roofing Systems takes pride in utilizing the best roofing products, superior craftsmanship and expert customer service on every project. To learn more about Pacific Roofing Systems click here.


Click here to contact SureCoat Systems or call
877-823-7873 for installation and pricing information.


field tested coatings

3 Acre Roof Restoration – Southern California

roof restoration

A SureCoat Systems’ Platinum Approved Contractor recently completed a SureCoat Roof Restoration System over a 3 acre roof in Southern California.


This building is the size of nearly 3 football fields and houses a full-service courier and trucking company. The facility consists of a huge security gated yard, several thousand square feet of office space and over 100,000 square feet of warehouse.  The warehouse includes its own set of offices, over half a dozen forklifts and hundreds of shelves with client’s merchandise stacked to the ceiling.


BUR before roof restoration

A SureCoat Systems’ Approved Contractor took this property under a roof maintenance contract beginning in 2012.  It was upon the initial inspection and assessment that the contractor noted hundreds of existing roof repairs that were failing.  The contractor’s roof report noted damage to all facets of the roof including the penetrations, waterways, equipment curbs, seams and laps.  The visual assessment of the roof included abrasion, alligatoring and cracking.  There were hundreds of roof repairs failing throughout the roof field with significant wear in the ponding areas.


In its current condition, this roof was a candidate for a roof restoration system but only a system that could withstand ponding water.  Left for another few years, everything, including insulation and the substrate, would have to be replaced.


The cost for a complete tear-off and roof replacement was proposed at $587,000.  The new roof would come with a warranty from the manufacturer but would be void if the roof had ponding water.  Now knowing the current condition of the roof and that age and design made it nearly impossible to eliminate all of the ponding water, the owners worked with the property management company to seek out other options.  After seeing completed projects from their new contractor and getting all their technical questions answered about the SureCoat Roof System, the ownership group opted for a SureCoat Roof Restoration System and saved nearly $200,000.


BUR after roof restoration

With maintenance and SureCoat, the approved contractor was able to keep the roof leaks at bay and prevent further damage while the ownership put a budget in place for a new roof.  It took approximately three years for the ownership to get the budget in place for a complete SureCoat Roof Restoration but it could have taken much longer had they needed to tear-off and replace the entire roof.  During these three years the annual maintenance was performed on the roof by the SureCoat Systems’ Approved Contractor and the SureCoat Roof Extender was used to seal the existing roof leaks.


The approved contractor was able to complete this project ahead of schedule with a four-man crew by utilizing a new application technique using a coating spreader.  This helped to keep the labor costs down and made the system more affordable for the owners.  The tenants, property management company and ownership group couldn’t be happier.  Since this project was completed, the approved contractor has had the opportunity to maintain and bid on several more large roofing projects for this client.


This roof now has a 10 year renewable warranty with written coverage for failures in ponding water.  The SureCoat Roof System will also lower the cost of future roof maintenance and lower future roof budgets.  Do you want to learn more about the “Industries’ Best Roof Warranty”?  Call 877-823-7873 and speak with a SureCoat Systems’ Roofing Professional today.

Why replace when you can restore!

PVC Roof Membrane – AGH Hospital

elastomeric roof coating application

Premium Roof Services restored an additional 13,000 SF of PVC roof membrane in Albany, Oregon for the Samaritan Albany General Hospital (AGH) this summer.  Phase I of the roof restoration was located on the upper wing over 15,000 SF of PVC roof membrane located over the Neonatal departments of the hospital.  Phase II was for another 13,000 SF over PVC roofing membrane located over the ER room, Laboratories and Diagnostic Imaging departments.  Phase I and Phase II both had 10 year old PVC roofs that were deteriorating and splitting allowing for water intrusion with each rain. These roof systems were exposed single-ply PVC roof membranes over a built-up roof with metal roof substrates and foam insulation.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetic plastic polymer used in the manufacturing of several products including roof membranes. According to Wikipedia, PVC is the third most widely manufactured synthetic plastic.  In the manufacturing of PVC roof membranes, plasticizers are added to the PVC to
increase the flexibility of the plastic and increase elasticity.  Plasticizers are additives meant to lower the cold-flex temperatures and increase the durability to PVC.  Over time these plasticizers evaporate or migrate out of the plastic. This process is accelerated when the PVC material is exposed to UV, heat and thermal cycles. As the plasticizers dry out of the PVC roof membrane, the roof loses its ability to move with the building and thermal cycling. The PVC then becomes brittle, cracks and separates beginning at the seams and areas of heavy wear on the roof such as ponds, waterways and drains.PVC-roof-membrane


The PVC roof membranes of AGH showed signs of multiple repair attempts at drains, waterways, crickets and at seams throughout the roof.  Roof repairs including caulking, acrylic and other roof coatings were prevalent throughout the PVC roof membrane.  The temporary coating repairs were completely worn off in the roof crickets, waterways and drains after only a few short seasons.


Concerns with this section of the hospital’s roofs were similar to Phase I.  Phase II of the AGH roof restoration project was located over a lower level wing that housed the Physical Therapy, Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging and the ER departments.  Similar to Phase I of the roof restorations, noise, debris, disruption and, of course, costs were the main concerns when choosing a solution to their PVC roof leaks.  A complete roof replacement would have included a roof tear-off, disposal and replacement of the entire built-up roof system which consists of multiple layers of roofing and insulation.  This would have created an extreme amount of noise, debris and risk to the patient exam rooms and offices as well as cost much more than a SureCoat Roof Restoration.IMG_0316


Additional obstacles of restoring the PVC roof membranes at the hospital involved repairs throughout the roof at delaminating seams and areas where the roof membrane had begun to deteriorate.  The PVC was eroding in the drain and cricket areas so badly that rain water was running into and under the roof membrane until it hit the roof drains.  At this stage of wear, the exposed PVC roof membrane no longer distributed waterproofing ability as this portion of the roof leaked during every rain.


As a result of Premium Roof Services outstanding services, Mr. Keen, Plant Engineer II of Samaritan Albany General Hospital wrote this letter of recommendation:


For a few years we started developing some small random leaks to our roof.  Our maintenance crew would chase them down and repair them the best we could.  As the problem began to occur more often, something had to be done to fix our roof.  Being a hospital we had a couple of big issues to work around, one being the area below the roof which is the women’s birthing center and another was not being able to turn off the main air intake on the roof which supplies the air to some of our operating rooms. If we were to do a complete tear-off, we would have to shut down operating rooms and have to relocate everyone on the floor below for the duration of the project.  Doing a complete tear-off and re-roof was just not an option.


After reading about the SureCoat System on their website, I contacted them to find out who our local approved contractor was.  They put me in touch with Eric Keithcart, owner of Premium Roof Services.  When I met with Eric to look at our facility and situation he was in agreement that the SureCoat Roof System was definitely the way to go.  We would be able to keep the operating rooms open while the work was performed and not need to relocate anyone on the floor below the roof.  When Premium Roof Services showed up on site to begin work, they worked very conscientiously to make sure any leak areas that they found were repaired before they began washing the roof to insure the staff and patients below were safe and dry.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and the results were instantaneous!  The second roof they did for us had more of the same issues and the same results.


With money always being an issue with any project, the SureCoat System came in under any of our complete re-roof quotes.  Even though we spent less money to have our roof repaired, we have a better warranty and a better quality product.  At our hospital we do our absolute best to try and not inconvenience the patients and staff.  Premium Roof Services and the SureCoat System fit directly into this category.


Eric and his crew are top-notch!  Premium Roof Services is our ONLY contact for any of our roofing needs.  –  Jeff Keen, Plant Engineer II 


Together with a SureCoat Systems’ Product Specialist, Premium Roof Services was able to specify and execute a solution which addressed all the issues that the hospital’s roofs had been suffering from for the past several years.  As an Approved Contractor of the SureCoat Roof System, Eric Keithcart was able to extend the industry’s best roof warranty to his repeat customer once again.  For more information on Premium Roof Services or their commercial roofing solutions, visit www.premiumroofservicesbend.com.


SureCoat Systems specializes in waterproofing systems for industrial and commercial flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and concrete.  SureCoat Systems has developed an exclusive line of roof coatings and waterproofing products that conserve on energy and protect buildings from water intrusion.


Do you have a roofing problem?  We can help you solve it!  Call 877-823-7873 and speak to a Product Specialist today or visit www.surecoatsystems.com.  

Tar & Gravel – Mississippi Roofing

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